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Hurricane Ridge Climb
A beautiful 9' DBH Fir in Olympic National Park September, 2002
Photo-essay w/5 pics

Oregon Caves Fir Climb This is the former champion Douglas fir. Diameter 12' DBH, but the top has been struck by lightning, leaving it [only!] 160' tall.  June, 2002
Photo-essay w/3 pics
NEW Monday's Job Backyard logging
Smithsonian Magazine cover
March, 2002

July Creek,  Quinault Rainforest (5 pics)
Laserhawk Stealth Slingshot Scotty's modification.  This pic shows the reelmount modification.  It shoots a hundred feet, straight up !
"Tree Removal--The Final Maintenance Option"
Is the arborist a 'Caretaker' or 'Undertaker'?  This article originally appeared in the October, 1995 issue of ARBOR AGE.

"Gearing Up"
What's in the climbers 'Bag of Tricks'?  This article originally appeared in the May, 2001 issue of ARBOR AGE.

"Supporting Role"
ANSI standard for cabling weak trees.  This article originally appeared in the November, 2001 issue of ARBOR AGE.

"Tree Damage Appraisal"
How much was that tree worth?  This article originally appeared in the October, 1993 issue of ARBORIST NEWS
Jedediah Smith Redwood
National Park

Can kids climb old growth
safely?  You don't have to be a
kid to climb trees, but it helps. (5 pics, 1 Quicktime movie)

Moonlight Madness Climb
CBS News report on the "Sunday Morning"  TV Show
Places I hang out on Oak-caison
TREE Fun(d) Climb
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Tree Research & Education
Endowment Fund climb for
research in the Bogachiel Spruce.
"Ralph Stearns Dyer Redwood climb"
What's it like to climb to the top of a 336' Redwood tree?
This article originally appeared in the Fall, 1993 issue of TREE CLIMBING
See Jerry Beraneks' version of this climb on his "A Tree Story" CD-ROM

2002 Giant Sequoia climb

Oak Man or Euc Man?
Reducing a 120' tall
Eucalyptus windbreak
by 50'
Here's an action series from Topanga Canyon in the early 80's.  I visited L.A.  in 2002 and saw these 11 trees; they've regrown back up to the same height in only 20 years. Seems like a lifetime.  Topping is no longer considered an acceptable arboricultural practice.  I want to prune them again & learn.  The chance to inspect the wound response is a great education.
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