Tom Going Up SRT
This is a real nice view of a simple setup using Single Rope Technique. Notice the difference in size between the 1/2" Spearmint arborist rope and the group's white 3/8" static line anchored around the small hemlock tree at the right side of this pic.  It goes from this anchor all the way up & over a limb about 140' in the big tree, and back down thru Tom's ascenders.  Here his middle ascender (which is a Mini-Traxion) can be seen attached to the center dee ring on his saddle.

Tom's left hand controls his upper ascender, which is tethered to his harness by the gray sling.  His left foot stands in an adjustable Pedale stirrup running up to this ascender.  Out of view is the third ascender, which is a Pantin strapped to his right foot.  The entire setup is visible in the next picture.

Trailing off the right hip is a 200' chunk of Gold Streak for use after stepping off of the static line.  Also, a daisy-chained lanyard can be seen, which runs thru the Grillon adjuster.