Giant Sequoia Climb October, 2002
Here's a pic of the juxtaposition of two of the sequoias that held most of the climbers.  John, Greg & Ox were in this tree, while 5 others climbed the twin tree to the right.  We figure they are about 275' tall.  The dead snag is a Sugar Pine about 200' tall, about 50' uphill to the left.

The 400' 11mm and 600' 3/8" ascent ropes were placed so that we couldn't see much of the folks in the other tree.  Seems as though a giant outdoor room divider blocked the view of a thriving community of tree ants nearby.

During pauses in the staging, myself and two of the ladies put a line in a 3rd tree.  A 4th tree, down the trail, was climbed by John, Gary Abrojena and Rip Tompkins a few years earlier in conjunction with the Western Chapter ISA conference.